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Group Home



The Group Home is a seven bedroom, residential house located on a wooded lot in Newland, North Carolina. It provides a safe, protected and happy home for the mentally and/or physically disabled adult clients of Yellow Mountain Enterprises. The home is an "Open" facility, meaning that it is open and staffed 24 hours a day with a staff of five. This ensures that the clients can receive care any time they need it.

We are a facility set up for 24 hour care for six IDD adults. We range from 43 to 76 years of age. Our clients work at a day program during the day at Yellow Mountain Enterprises. This is where they earn their spending money. They all have different chores that they have to do on a daily basis, followed by staff supervision.  They all have freedom to do as they want to do in the evenings after chores have been done. Some of our clients are their own guardians, which makes them able to go into town, or on a trip on their own. They all have a night when they have to help fix supper for the group. The clients enjoy doing a lot of fun outings on the weekend such as: bowling, shopping, eating out, going to music shows, movies, church and church activities, circus, etc. 


The staff of five is scheduled for a Monday night manager, Tues/Wed night manager, Thurs/Fri night manager and Sat/Sun weekend manager. These staff members work with the clients on doing chores, assisting with hygiene issues, helping with finances, and just being a ear and friend for them.


The Group Home Manager make sure the clients have doctor visits scheduled and meet all the client's needs away from the facility. She does all the paper work such as billing and all the required paper work for the clients to live here. She also assists staff in all their needs to help the Home run properly.



The home has all of the features of any home: living and dining rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, an outdoor patio and a parking area for visitors.


Each client has a private bedroom witch they can decorate to show their own interests and many awards.They also build their social and job skills by maintaining their own bedroom and helping with the cleaning and upkeep of the home. Using the home as a base, the clients attend the nearby Yellow Mountain Enterprises headquarters, where they receive extensive training in education, job training and social skills as described in the "What We Do" section of this website.




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